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Thanks to all the Donors who have already been in touch with me


My attention lately has turned more to writing/researching and making good use of the comprehensive library that has been expanded so much through individual pilot donations. What I would very much like to have is back issues of "Soaring" from about 1960 through 1975 as well as any other issues outside that range that contain articles about hang gliding. Since hang gliding is the oldest form of heavier-than-air flight, print coverage of it has been present throughout aviation history in all eras since Lilienthal so it is tempting to seek a larger range and even expand the search to other aviation publications. But that range of "Soaring" serves a particular need to enable a fuller understanding of our history. In the event you have back issues that might be available for donation I would hope you will remember my work and refer them to me. Should you wish to assemble any hang gliding library material or if you seek any display gear please considering contacting me and I would enjoy reciprocating. I would be happy to supply back issues of most any issues of hang gliding magazines as I have a large surplus of most issues and other related publications. In many cases I can provide those surplus items for no more than shipping costs.

Virtually anything connected to hang gliding is of interest to me. Please do not underestimate the value of even the seemingly insignificant to my historical preservation work. Just last week I was sent a shipping label from a box used to ship parts to a dealer in the east. It adds another piece to the puzzle that our early history is. Here are some items I am looking for - the older the better!

General categories of items of interest;

Magazines, books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, films, video, slides, photos, negatives, logbooks, business cards, autographs (autograph EVERYTHING!), USHGA and club membership cards, club membership lists, club and regional newsletters, flight diaries and construction notes, correspondence, receipts, licenses, certificates, posters, contest or event notices, event or club signs, banners, flags, windsocks, imprinted pens, drink holders, advertising featuring hang gliding, contest programs/rules, x-rays and damaged parts from crashes/accidents, stolen "No Hang Gliding" signs, old hardware, instruments, land use and site access documents, leases, waivers, warrants, tickets, or any legal documents, t-shirts, hats, neckties, belt buckles, jackets, patches, badges, buttons, plan sets, drawings, artwork, stickers unused or affixed, postage, awards, toys, board games, puzzles, product brochures and specifications, catalogs, order and price sheets, batten diagrams, blueprints, clocks, Christmas ornaments, trophies, plaques, tools, refrigerator magnets, site guides.

Gliders with record setting or contest winning history or fabricated in 1972 or earlier or featured in widely publicized events or feature films or owned by famous or top ranked pilots, celebrities or political figures.

Specific items wanted;

Flap Chaps, Sports Aloft Stall Warning Indicator, Mehil Airspeed Indicator, the book "Sky Adventures: Legends and Stories About the Early Days of Hang Gliding and Paragliding" edited by Jim Palmieri, a Rogallo Flexikite toy, Bennett Back Pack Engine, Mariah Control Bar, 1976 Hang Ten World Open Hang Gliding Championships video copies of any of several television shows of the event and TV news coverage, back issues of "Soaring" from about 1960 through 1975 as well as any other issues outside that range that contain articles about hang gliding, Bill Bennett's "Delta Kite Flyers News" newsletter, Carol Price’s Kiting newsletter, USHGA Lilienthal Award Pins.

Please do add written comments and notes to any item. I think very often donors are reluctant to do so thinking that writing on an object diminishes the value. I think it actually increases the value and interest as well as adding important interpretation. Please sign, date, and add some comment, memory or explanation as to what an item may be connected to. It helps me to understand its significance in the context of your experience and to know its origins and place in the larger history. Your willingness to contribute material is invaluable to the steady growth of the collection. It is very satisfying to see such support and together we are helping to assure that the history of a great aviation epoch is preserved for posterity.

Ken de Russy 2012