Ken de Russy's

Hang Gliding Museum

A List of donators to the museum

At the risk of leaving out some names, here is, off the top of my head and in no particular order, a partial list of donors who have graciously supported my work with donations of artifacts and various material.

Al Worlsfold Frank Colver John Harris Paul Voight
Andy Beam Garry Court Jon Dawkins Raymond Wolf
Alec Brooks Gilbert Roberts Peter Brock Rich Matros
Barry Palmer Glenn Woodward Jonathan Dietch Richard Eipper
Ben Rogers Graeme Henderson Keith Nichols Seth Hammond
Bill Liscomb Greg Andranaco Ken Kesson Scott Rutledge
Bruce Mahoney Gene Matthews Konrad Kurp Scott Smith
Brian Porter Grant Smith John Dickenson Stefane Malbos
CJ Sturtevant Heiner Beisel Larry Tudor Stephen McCarroll
David Butz Henry Wise Lee Gardner Steve Moore
David Chadwick Jerry Forburger Lloyd Licher Taras Kiceniuk
Dave Cronk Jim Reynolds Malcolm Jones Ted Zinke
Dan Poynter Jim Wiley Mark Langenfield Tom Kreyche
Debbie Taylor Joe Faust Mike Meier Tom Peghiny
Donnita (Holland) Hall Joe Greblo Mike Schildt Wayne Yentis
Doug Hildreth Joe Meboe Paul Dees  
Doug Klassen Joey Carmosino Paul “Chelan” Denny  
Ernie Camacho John Feiser Paul Sharpe  


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